Our Nursery Facilities

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    St John’s Nursery is well equipped with a variety of open ended and challenging resources to engage the children.

    The children are encouraged to self-select activities from accessible trolleys, encouraging them to lead their own play and learning, with staff ready to support them, intervene appropriately and extend their learning experience.



  • The Big Hall

    Our big hall is a large open space where the children are able to move freely and have access to a wide range of physical equipment and educational resources that encourage children to take risks and make mistakes in a safe environment supported by our staff. We encourage children to participate in a wide range of group activities to enable them to develop their social skills and friendships. We support children in playing co-operatively together, as this also develops their listening, communication and language skills.

  • The Physical Room

    Our smaller hall is used for as a physical room where children have access to a large choice of play equipment such as tricycles, balancing beams and tunnels. This area is designed to encourage physical activity and to build a child’s imagination, gain self-confidence, increase, creativity, flexibility and co-ordination skills. Children have a free flow to the big hall and outdoor area, so that than can experience other activities as they wish.

  • The Garden Area

    Children have access to the garden area, and have opportunities to explore and experiment in the outdoor environment, which is equipped with a variety of age appropriate equipment, such as water, sand pits, a slide, digging, sensory play and hopscotch.

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